Saudi Arabian Embassy, Consulate & Residence Project

This is one of the first large projects that we did in Ottawa on Sussex Drive
There are 60 rooms and it took 6 months to complete with 5000 linear feet of crown molding done in different colours and finishes. From simple strie to bottachino marble and metallics
The swimming pool has 58 sconces and 24" high crown molding which we used a European technique to antique.
We used 3 shades of gold on the dome in the front foyer of the residence next to the dining room where we used 4 colours to create a copper verdigris finish on the walls with a cloud mural on the ceiling.
Venetian plaster was used in the change rooms by the olympic size pool.
4 samples were made for each crown molding and wall finish for approval.
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A view of the Saudi Embassy Residence and Consulate from Sussex Drive

 The dining room with a 4 layer copper verdigris wall finish in progress.

Antiqued crown moldings and sconces
Detail of crown moldings and sconces Antiqued with paint & glaze in this grand swimming pool area in the Saudi Arabian residence on Sussex Drive in Ottawa

Antiqued crown moldings and 58 sconces
We antiqued 58 sconces as well as the 2 ft high crown moldings that surround the pool with 20 ft ceilings

Faux Botachino marble paint finish to match walls
The crown moldings were painted to match the Botachino marble on the walls in this grand bathroom.

30 ft high wall done in Painted fresco finish
The grand staircase was complemented by a 30 ft wall painted in a faux fresco finish.

 Dome ceiling using 4 colours of gold
This dome ceiling was enhanced by using 3 colours of gold to achieve the desired effect.

Cloud ceiling in dining room
A cloud ceiling hand painted in this majestic dining room in the residence of the Saudi Embassy.

Specialty wall finish
A specialty troweled paint wall finish in the meeting room inspired & completed by Tish Smith, a most accomplished artist.

The ceiling that never ends. 

The smallest part of the project. A porcelin crackle glaze and paint finish on a mirror in one of the many bathrooms.


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